Custom Suspension

Datsun front suspension

Our suspension systems are unique from what anyone else is doing. We still use air springs and shocks, but that is where the similarities end. On our daily-driver systems that use stock or stock “type” suspension, we don’t simply install what bag fits with the least effort and whatever shock is easiest to install.  Instead we use air springs from either Firestone or Slam Specialties depending on how soft or stiff the suspension needs to be, then the bag size is chosen based on the vehicle’s weight, the customer’s needs and wheel travel necessities. The shocks we use are Bilstein parts from RCD Classics that are available in several different valve-rates so that minor tuning changes can be made by swapping the shocks for different valving. These seemingly minor differences make for a ride quality that is far more enjoyable than your typical “tolerate it cuz it’s what a bagged car rides like” bag job.

If  a non-stock suspension is desired and an over-the-counter Mustang II based suspension isn’t your first choice, then we can design you a completely scratch build system that is guaranteed to turn heads as well as look good doing it. We have experience designing one-off systems for off-road, road-race, mountain bike, show and simple driver friendly systems that each have unique needs and style.