I have been building this bike for about 7 years I think and it still doesn’t run. It has only needed wiring, brake lines and a few minor things to be functional for over 2 years… Pretty sad I think.

The frame is completely scratch built to bring this smorgasbord of Japanese parts together in to one homogenized form. The only non-Asian part would be the forks, they are off an early Binelli Panther that was built in Italy. The motor is a Honda CB360 in-line twin, which I choose for both its looks and reliability. The rear wheel is off the front of a Honda CB750 with a few modifications and the front wheel is a custom made hub using Suzuki LT250 quad front rotors. Both front and rear wheels are laced up with custom made stainless steel spokes. All the little parts are from this and that, it really didn’t mater what they originally belonged to as long as they looked right. This whole thinking while building the bike is what brought me to it name.

Unkonoatsumari (un-ko-no-at-sue-mar-e) meaning “shit pieces” in Japanese