Watson Funeral and Memorial

As much as I was not looking forward to Larry’s funeral, there was no way I was going to miss it. When we got there the streets were lined as if we had just arrived at a small carshow and the crowd was riddled with a veritable who’s who of kustom legends. From Steve Stanford to Pete Santini to Harpoon, there were folks from every facet of the kustom industry to pay their respects to one of the most influential automotive painters ever. Larry had asked that everyone be allowed to say something if they felt so compelled and it wasn’t until then that I began to realize just how much of an impact he really had on people’s lives. Not just as paint inspiration or acting skills, but genuine heart felt emotion. It is not often to hear someone say this about a funeral, but it was simply amazing.

After the funeral, John Marconi invited everyone to congregate at his museum for the memorial. The pictures of his place do it no justice… Thank you John for opening your place to all of Larry’s friends.